The Dusty Package on the Shelf [Knowing Your Sales Value]

Quick! What’s your value as a sales person? Why do people buy from you? Why do you make quota? Why are you successful?

If you were a product, sitting on a shelf, next to all the other salespeople products, what would your package say?  Why would a shopper take you off the shelf, instead of the other salespeople, and put you in their cart?

We are a product and our value dictates how we well sell, sell as in chosen by others. Like any other product the more value it brings the more it costs and the more it sells. It’s simple economics.

The key today is to be deliberate in building your value.

Your value is what your customers get when they engage with you in the buying process. Your value is what your employer gets when they hire you. Your value is what you give to those who invest their time and effort in you. What is your value?

I can tell you what it isn’t. It’s not the number of years of experience or the nifty Ivy League school you went to, or how many years you’ve made quota in a row. It’s bigger than those things.

If you don’t know already, go figure it out and be deliberate about it. Don’t be the dusty, faded package still sitting on the shelf, BRING VALUE!