The Difference Between Molly Sims and Pamela Anderson and Why It Matters to Sales

By description Molly Sims and Pamela Anderson are similar.  They are both beautiful women with great bodies. They both have unbelievable sex appeal.  They are both famous. They are both models.  The both have blonde hair. In essence, a description of Molly and Pamela can paint them as almost indistinguishable, almost as if they are the same person. Yet, we know they aren’t. They are VERY different. This is what we do in sales. We make our products and services look like everyone else’s. Even when they aren’t. We don’t differentiate.  We zero in on the obvious features or benefits and do little to differentiate.










Differentiation comes from “how.”  It’s not what our solution does that differentiates it, but how it does it. How or the approach is what tells the true story of differentiation.  Molly Sims approach is understated, she uses classics looks, classic hair styles, subdued sexual overtones, clean, girl next door looks to convey her beauty. Pamela Anderson’s approach is just the opposite. She pushes her boobs in your face.  She bleaches her hair to the max. She wears lot’s of make-up.  She wears tight, high-riding, low-riding clothing. She screams sex. Two attractive, famous, women with sex appeal with two VERY different approaches.  Neither approach is right or wrong.  Not everyone likes Molly.  Not everyone likes Pamela.  That’s not the point. The point is what makes them different is their approach and that’s what they sell.

Selling approach is what makes the difference. Approach is where the difference truly lies. If you aren’t selling your approach, you’re not differentiating.  What makes Apple better than Microsoft is how they approach creativity.  What makes South West Airline some much different than the other airlines?  It’s their approach. Sell approach?   It makes a HUGE difference.

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