The Check Has Been Written


Ok, it was a PayPal transaction. Regardless, yesterday I happily transferred $1,800 dollars to Reeces Rainbow to support the Sader family efforts in adopting Charity. It was a great feeling and I’m so proud of this community.

As I said before, I’ve never met the Saders, but I felt their cause was a noble one and a selfless one. The idea that we discard children because they don’t meet some notion we have on what a child “should” be is awful. To think of Chariy rotting away in an adult institution is a horrific thought.

The Saders have just over $3,500 of their original $18,000 to go with our donation. They are almost there.

Thanks to everyone in this community for your donations, retweets, FB Likes and more.  You guys rock!

I want to specifically thank those donated;

 John Wray

Sales Action Group

Mike Weingberg

Matt Toth

Learn 2 Publishing

Daniel Goldin

Joaquim Torres

Robert Freeborn

William Bischoff

Christopher Carlson

Julie Wyant

Score More Sales

Heather Treptow

Robert Thomas

Anna Talerico

Jessie Rubin

Thank you for your generosity and support! You guys rock!

BTW: I’ve asked for an update when the Saders bring Charity home.  I will post about that great day when it comes.


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