The Challenger Sale Excerpts

As I shared in my early review of The Challenger Sale, I’m going to post unique and compelling quotes from the book as I move through it. This excerpt is at the core of the challenger premise. 

“I understand your world.” and “I’m not here to waste your time asking you to teach me about your business.”

What I love about this excerpt is it flips the traditional scripts.  Sales people have been taught to engage the customer in a discovery process, where they expect to be educated by the prospect or customer. This approach relies on the customer or prospect to drive the sale. The sales person brings little to no value to the sale until the customer gives them something they can work with.

Expecting the customer to tee up the sale is at best ineffective, and worse flat out inefficient.

What do you think?  You agree with this quote? Can you honestly say this to your prospects?

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