The Business of Social – Socialized Book Review

I was sent and early copy of Socialized and have enjoyed reading it.  It hits shelves today and I recommend getting it.

Social is changing everything.  Those of you who are part of this community know my thoughts on the impact of social. Social is not a panacea, however it can’t be ignored. Those who are embracing the changes, or more accurately stated the opportunities social creates, are reaping the rewards.  

Socialized is a straight shooting, to the point book, that minces few words.  Chapter 1 “Adapt or Die” is case in point. There is little fluff or feel good hyperbole. Mark and his team get to right down to the business of social.

Author Mark Fidelman sees we are entering a new Business Age, the age of social. Like past business ages (Industrtial, Mass, Strategic, Information) the Social age requires new cultures, approaches, and business practices to stay competitive and adapt.

This quote about the new culture of companies making the change nails it:

Its culture is open to failure, but seeks to learn from it. Its philosophy of applying social principles to every department, partner, and supplier knocks down information silos and increases the likelihood of innovative breakthroughs.

The age of social, as Mark calls it, provides tremendous opportunities for companies large and small if they can give up the command and control style of management associated with earlier business ages. The question is no longer by when or if social, but how and Socialized answers the how question.

Over the next few weeks, like past book reviews on a Sales Guy, I will post the best quotes, and thoughts from Socialized and share my two cents.

Socialized is a must read for business owners, organizational development leaders, CEO’s, Sales Leaders or anyone else trying to detemermine how and why they need to move into the social age.

Has anyone else read it?  What are your thoughts?