The Biggest Mistake In Sales

. . . is to believe what you think matters. The biggest mistake companies, and sales people make is selling to THEIR reality. Truth, facts, reality, etc. all take a back seat to what your customer or client believes or thinks. I’ve seen it more times than I care to count. Good sales people and well intentioned companies getting frustrated, unable to get a sale or make progress. I’ve heard it a 1000 times. “We’ve done everything we can, We’ve given them the best customer service. We’ve responded to everything they’ve asked. This customer just doesn’t get it.” The customer may not get it, however that doesn’t matter.

Sales is about selling to perception. The old tired phrase of “listen to your customers”, has real meaning here. Sales people need to listen and listen closely. What is your customers perception? How does your customer see things? Are they seeing things the same way as you? If not why? What lens are they looking through? Customers won’t always respond to logic or to the facts. Customers are people, and therefore are emotional, insecure, and unpredictable.

Good sales people understand you sell to perception. What they also understand is perception can be influenced. Pay attention to what is driving your customers. Look between the lines. Ask extended questions. Accept the answers as the truth. Don’t filter things through your perspective, filter them through your customers. If you pay attention, customers will tell you what they are looking for, you may just have to look a little deeper.

Perception is a funny thing. Sometimes you and your company could be doing everything right and the customer sees you as complete screw ups. Other times, you could be completely screwing up and the company thinks you walk on water.

Brand marketing can teach something to sales people –Perception is everything, reality is nothing. Sell to perception, the rest will take care of itself.