The 5 Roles Of Sales People Crushing Quota

I had to share this with you guys. It’s a great Infographic.

I’ve long argued that information is the key to successful sales people and that renaissance people are the best sales people, while teaching organizations are the best sales organizations. This infographic by Salesforce and Kapost on content represents exactly what I’ve been saying. It’s great.

I’m even with them on the transformation argument. Shitty sales people tend to be less informed, less savvy and more self absorbed. In many cases, information or “content” can fix that.

Our job, as sales people, should we truly accept it, is to become a;

  • Teacher
  • Problem Solver
  • Thought Leader
  • Coach
  • and a Partner

When we do, selling becomes as smooth as butter.

I love the TEACH section. It doesn’t get any better when you can provoke or push your prospects to think differently.



Content is absolutely the way to make to become a badass sales person. Get on the content path, it’s a game changer.

Props to Kapost and