The 10 Places You DON’T Want To Be a FourSquare Mayor

With FourSquare being all the rage these days and the fight for the illustrious title of Mayor getting ever more competitive, there are a few places you DON’T want the title of Foursquare Mayor.

The 10 places not to be a Foursquare Mayor:

1) A funeral home
2) State Correctional Facility
3) Planned Parenthood 
4) The court house
5) McDonalds ( Did you see Super Size Me?)
6) A Hospital Emergency Room
7) The Little White Chapel in Vegas
8) The unemployment office
9) Your Mother in Laws
10) Alcohol and Drug Rehab (Lindsey Lohan, didn’t get that memo

Sometimes being a Foursquare Mayor just isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Where don’t you want to be a Foursquare Mayor?