That Didn’t Work – But This Did

Everything you do isn’t going to work. The cold calling script is going to bomb. The pitch is going to be a dud. The offer isn’t going to generate interest. Your attempts to get to the CEO will fail. You’re going to miss quota this month. You’re going to miss quota next quarter. They won’t get your product into the lab. You’re going to lose that big deal you’ve been working on. It’s inevitable. Things aren’t going to work they way you want them to all the time. They aren’t going to go the way you planned. The outcomes aren’t always going to go the way you wanted . . . This is a good thing.

Somethings you do will work. They will go as planned. You will win that big deal. You will make Presidents Club. You will have a meeting with the CEO. Your product will exceed lab trial expectations. It’s inevitable. Things WILL go your way! This is also good.

Whether things go as planned or things crash and burn they are experiences. They provide information improvement and growth. To benefit from experiences requires being mindful and purposeful. It requires honesty with self. It takes a commitment to evaluate both the external and internal influences of success and failure. It’s not what happens that dictates success or failure, but how we chose to respond.

That didn’t work. OK.  But this did.  Great!

Now; what did you learn?  That’s all that matters.

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