Success Saturdays — When Everything Sucks

Have you ever heard of Marie Forleo?

I hadn’t until just today. She’s a cool chick.  She has crazy energy and is sassy as hell. She is definitely NOT your typical online video chic.  And of course, that’s why I found myself liking her.

In this video she breaks down an issue that affects all of us at one time or another and that’s making a decision when every option appears to suck!

Being able to make tough decisions is the force multiplier of success.  Everyone can make the easy decisions, it’s the tough ones that trip us up.

Here’s the video’s money quote:

Not having the best situation, but seeing the best in your situation is the key to happiness


Success in sales and in life means we have to make tough decisions even when everything sucks.  Too often tough decisions paralyze us and we end up doing nothing and that’s the worse decision of all.