Success Saturdays: What Do You Give Your Audience?

What do you think selling is about?  What do you think your “job” as a sales person is?

Success in our jobs comes from what we believe our responsibility is to others, to those we serve. We have jobs because we serve others.

With that obvious, yet often forgotten fact out of the way, being successful is being very clear and deliberate in knowing what you owe your audience. In other words, it’s knowing how you serve them.

I think as a creator and director it’s your job to make an audience as excited and fascinated about a subject as you are.

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is one of the funniest and most entertaining comics on the scene today.  In this video he kills it when talking about a seminal moment in his childhood where the smell of mold, tea and lavender changed his life forever.  Mold, tea and lavender, I know right? Yet, when we really think about it, sometimes it’s the most innocuous moments in our life that set us up for our greatest life’s work. That is, if we let it!

While kickin’ back in someone else’s office Ricky gives up little 411 on what inspired his view on the responsibility he feels to his audience.

As sales people we have audiences. More than almost any other profession and it’s our job to deliberately define and shape what it is we believe we owe them and work on to give them.

What do you think your responsibility to you audience is? What do you give them?

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