Success Saturdays: Self Awareness and Chasing the Money [A Gary Vaynerchuk Interview]

My 2 favorite parts of this video are where Gary talks about self-awareness and the part  where he says don’t chase the money.  I think he hits the nail on the head — big time.

Chasing the money is a long run. It’s a run that rarely pays off. Individuals and companies alike are guilty of the chase too often. The best way NOT to chase the money is to be self-aware. It’s to know who you are and what you’re good at.  Unfortunately, too few of us posses’s the self-awareness required to truly know who we are and what we’re good at.



Society is structured to keep us from self reflecting. As individuals we’re bombarded with shiny objects (cars, clothes, titles, big homes, jewelry, followers on Facebook, 1000 dollar handbags, etc) that distract us from a journey of self discovery. We’re too busy showing the world who we want them to THINK we are. Not who we are. This hamster wheel is no different for corporations. Rather than shiny objects it’s Wall St., and investors who are distracting companies as they clamor for more and more revenue at all costs. Pressed for continual growth month over month, quarter over quarter, corporations succumb to the demands of the street and abandon their identity, their brand, in search of revenue now, today.

In spite of the data, this never works. It’s unsustainable, and eventually those who stray too far from who they are fall. Worse, some never get off the ground. Grounded by a lack substance and foundation.

This is a good video. Watch it. I had never seen Gary speak before this. He should be sponsored by Red Bull or Starbucks, cause he’s jacked up. I love it.

Happy Success Saturday!