Success Saturdays – 50 Traits of Unsuccessful People

Over the last few Success Saturdays, I’ve shared a number of perspectives on success and what the truly successful do to make it. Like Yin and Yang there is always a negative to a positive, an opposite to everything and it got me wondering what unsuccessful people do, that sabotages there life.

I found this list on KrantCents. It’s a good one.  I liked how he contrasted a successful trait with an unsuccessful one. The list is pretty compelling.

Living on their own/Living at home with parents


Take responsibility/Blame others

They learn from their mistakes/They repeat mistakes

They try and fail, but keep trying/When they fail, they give up

They are persistent/They give up too soon


Focused/Easily distracted

Goal oriented/No goals


They make quick decisions/Slow decisions and change them

Success is internalized/Failure is internalized

They plan for the future/No plan

Calculated risks/Risk averse

Curious and eager to learn/Indifferent to learning

They go after what they want/They think it will come to them

They work hard and smart/They complain about their circumstances

Have a network of people/No reliable network

Work on improving themselves/Tolerate their shortcomings

Creative problem-solver/See themselves as limited

Self reliant/No initiative

Not impulsive/Impulsive

No wasted time/Wastes time constantly


Persistent/Give up

Imagination (anything is possible)/Accepting of existence/reality

Self understanding/Not aware of strengths/weaknesses

Vision/No vision Passion/No passion

Dreams/No dreams

Plan/No Plan

Specific knowledge/training/ Untrained/unskilled

Will not take no for an answer/They feel they do not deserve yes

Ambition/No ambition

Motivated/Not motivated

They know how to get things done/Do not accomplish much

They look for solutions to problems/They do not even look

Courage of convictions/Fearful

Enthusiastic/Hate what they are doing

Supportive/Out for themselves


Little or no debt/Debt is a way of life


Upbeat, happy/Bitter, unhappy

Think about what they can do/Think about what they cannot do

In control of their lives/Waiting for someone else to bail them out

They look for things to do/They wait to be told what to do

Better use of time/Wastes time

Doers/Dreamers or do nothing

Hang with other rich people/Hang around with other losers

I don’t suspect anyone is perfect in all of these, but to the extent we can avoid them as much as possible, we can accomplish a lot.

How well do you stack up?