Success Saturdays — 10 Traits of Extremely Successful People


I found this great post on the ten traits of extremely successful people.  I thought the list was unique. Many of the traits were different from what we usually see.  I also liked the list because it reinforced some of things I’ve talked about on this blog when it comes to hiring, making the sale, identifying talent etc.

What do you think of the list? (I’ve linked to old posts I’ve done on the trait.)

  1. The Work Really Hard
  2. The are incredibly curious and eager to learn
  3. They network
  4. They work on themselves and never quit
  5. They are extremely creative (another post on creativity)
  6. They are self reliant and take responsibility
  7. They are relaxed and keep their perspective
  8. They live in the present moment
  9. The respond instantly
  10. Never Quit

How do you stack up to this list?  Are you good at all of them?  Are there some you can improve on?

Be sure to check out the original post, it breaks down each of the traits in detail. It’s pretty good.