Success Saturdays – 10.5 Sales Mistakes a Kick Ass CEO Made and How They Kept Him from Reaching His Goals

Big shout out to my boy Kyle Porter, CEO and Founder of SalesLoft for pointing me to this presentation, it was awesome.

Allen Nance is the CEO of What Counts, an email marketing company. A few weeks ago, Allen gave a powerful presentation on the 10 sales and marketing lessons he learned over the past 12 years that prevented him AND his company from reaching the 100 million dollar mark. Allen is funny, passionate, energetic, and most importantly spot on.

What is most engaging about Allen’s keynote, besides his obviously larger than life speaking presence, was the depth and realness of his presentation.  Allen leverages humility to deliver his message,. I know right, what CEO/Sales “expert” leverages humility in front of hundreds these days? Not many. But, Allen does and it’s this humility that delivers a presentation any sales exec or Founder/CEO will benefit from.

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This presentation is not only worth watching, it’s worth being archived and revisited every 6 months or a year as reminder to be looking at the right things and asking the right questions.

Here are Allen’s 10.5 things:

  1. Team genetics
  2. Market wave
  3. ReInvest in Sales (I loved this one, it killed him)
  4. Have a strong sales leader
  5.  Sales chemistry
  6. Specialize
  7. Centralize (This one got me thinking, hmm)
  8. Measure
  9. Allbound (All i can say about this one is AMEN!!)
  10. Hourly (Not sure I can get on board here, it’s an execution question)

and .5 Hard work

Allen nails it in the presentation. It’s the type of post or content I envisioned when I started Success Saturdays. This is good shit.

Kyle, thanks my man for your “Everybody Sells Something” updates.  Always good reading.  (I recommend you sign up for this piece bi-weekly sales goodness)

Enjoy your Saturday all.