Subject Lines That Work For Sales Emails

I thought this was an interesting infographic. As sales people, we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to communicate with our prospects and buyers. Therefore, it seems to me we might want to get it right.

This infographic suggests nothing in the subject line get’s open the most. Well duh, any “Re:” suggests the recipient is responding to something they sent out earlier. Therefore in essence, the recipient in an “Re:” is reading their own email. Of course it’s gonna get opened at a higher rate. We love ourselves.

However, beyond the absolute irrelevance of “Re:” open rates, this infographic offers a lot of little tidbits to think about as you reach out via email. Most notable, shorter is better.

Infographic authored by ContactMonkey, an email tracking service for salespeople. To view the
original post, see the original subject line infographic.


Here’s the takeaway as I see it. The subject line matters. Take a little extra time and think about what you’re saying. If you use Contact Monkey, YesWare or ToutApp, do a little A/B testing. Don’t just ignore the subject line. You’re spending too much time on the email to waste it with a bad subject line.

First impressions baby, first impressions.