Status Quo Is The Enemy

The arch-enemy of sales is the status quo. Selling something without changing the status quo is almost impossible. By definition, sales requires change, change effects the status quo.

We like the status quo. It’s familiar. It is comforting. It makes us feel good. We know what to do. We know what to expect. It’s this reason that makes the status quo such a respectable adversary

To slay the status quo takes information, information to relief the anxiety of change. It takes patience, forcing change only strengthens the roots of the status quo. It takes understanding, understanding of what keeps the status quo in place. It requires a comforting alternative, one which can make the status quo not feel so good.

The staus quo is the enemy of sales. It looks to destroy sales at every corner. It has staunch team of supporters, those who defend it to the death. It has deep roots, that take hold and make it difficult to be uprooted.

Selling requires change. That’s what sales does; it offers something new, it brings change to the status quo.

To be successful at sales, you have to slay the status quo and that is no small order.

What are your weapons?