Speed Matters – A Lesson in Lead Follow-Up

I’m moving in a few weeks.  I hate moving.   Because I hate it, investing in movers is well worth it to me.

I’ve been putting it off for too long, so yesterday I Googled moving and found a site that allowed me to get quotes from 6 different movers at once. This was awesome.  I put in a few bits of information, the application auto populated 6 moving companies that serve my area and all I had to do was click a button.

With in 3 seconds from clicking the button, my phone rang and All My Sons Moving was on the other end. Yes, I said 3 seconds and I’m not kidding.  It was a recording letting me know that they were getting someone to help me and that they appreciate my business.  After about 1 minute on hold a sales person came on, asked me a number of questions, explained how they work, gave me a quote and asked for my business. From button click to a final quote in less than 4 minutes.  It was awesome!

I want to compare at least 3 companies, so I haven’t committed yet. But, the speed at which they got back to me was impressive. I can easily  see how that gives them a leg up. I’d be willing to bet a significant number of people don’t want to deal with the hassle of comparing multiple movers and go with the first reasonably priced, professional company they talk to. In this case, that’s All My Sons Moving.  You can’t beat 3 seconds and their prices were reasonable.  Wow!

About 30 minutes later I heard from another company.  They called direct. No automated teller putting me on hold.  I think 30 minutes is a more than reasonable return time, but compared to All My Sons Moving they are a joke.

Three seconds, thats all it took for All My Sons Moving to respond to my request for a quote. To many, the thought of a 3 second response rate would have seemed unreasonable. But not to All My Sons Moving.  I have to believe they are winning more sales and beating their competition because they accepted an unreasonable challenge and because they know speed matters.

If all the quotes come in similar, I’m going with All My Sons Moving, because as my daughters always say, “I was first, Daddy.” and being first matters.

Just as I was about to hit the publish button for this post, my phone rang and it was another one of the moving companies.  It took them 15 hours to respond.  If you’re looking for a case study on execution and business performance, here it is.  Three seconds compared with 15 hours. It’s like night and day.