Something New for 2014 – More vs Different

Your New Years goals are done. You’ve completed your plan for next year. You can see the path and you’re ready to go. But, how much of your plan is focused on change? What will be different in 2014? Are you aiming for more or different?

Too often we ask for more, thinking once we get more, things will be different. But different doesn’t come from more it comes from you — you choosing to be different.

When we are trying to get more, we’re working from the same ole playbook; more revenue, more deals, more fun, more time with the kids, more time at the gym, more savings, pay off more debt (OK, that’s less, but you get my point), more vacation time etc. More is just that more. We’re obsessed with more.

But what if you did different? What if you set a goal to find a different way to drive revenue and close more business? What if you picked something different to do with the family each week? What if you chose to eat differently? What if you chose something different for vacation with the time you have? When our goals start with different, we don’t always need more.

More of the same is never as good as a little bit of different. Different creates change and change is were growth comes from.

Stop trying to get more, and consider try something different.