Solve Problems NOT Symptoms

If your deals are struck in the pipeline longer than they need to, is that the problem or the symptom. If your reps aren’t making quota, are they the problem or the symptom of shitty management. Is a poor close rate the problem or the symptom? Is crappy CRM the problem or the symptom. Are poor leads the problem or the symptom?

There is a real difference between a symptom and a problem.

Symptoms are the result of a problem.  A problem is a holistic failure of something you are trying to accomplish.

Treating symptoms wastes time, money and resources. Treating symptoms is a momentum killer. Lot’s of time spent, very little return.  Treating symptoms has no end. Treating symptoms allows the problem to persist.

Treating problems gets things done.  Treating the problem has an end. Treating the problem creates momentum. Treating the problem allows us to move on to the next thing.

Knowing the difference between a symptom and the problem is a big deal.

Don’t be quick to start solving the problem. It just might not be a problem at all.  Take the time to figure out what is at the heart of the matter. Take the time to dig deeper and get to what is really going on. In most cases, it’s not the problem you are solving and THAT’S A PROBLEM!!!