Sneak Peak of Jill Konrath’s New Book — Agile Selling

My friend Jill Konrath‘s new book Agile Selling is coming out at the end of May. And, my lucky ass got an early copy, so . . . that means ya’ll will get an early copy too, by way of a review.

From the inside jacker:

Being an agile seller in today’s business environment virtually guarantees a prosperous career. You can ramp up quickly in new positions, becoming competent in record time. You can jump start sales of new products or services. You can instantly adjust to new market dynamics. In short, agility becomes your competitive edge.

I like how Jill puts this. Few of us can argue the world is moving faster than ever. Product changes, industry disruptions, new companies, new competitors, etc are all happening at an accelerated pace. Everything is moving at the speed of light and to think that sales doesn’t have to move quickly as well, is silly.

Agile Selling is about preparing you to be as “agile,” nimble and quick as you can be in order to survive in today’s fast paced world.

In Agile Selling, Jill helps you;

  • Pinpoint “must know now” information skills
  • Hone in on the business case for making a change
  • Ferret out the most effective sales approaches
  • Find fresh solutions to problems you’re facing
  • Maximize your productivity

Sounds like good stuff.

The early reviews are killer;

Loaded with tactics, tips and new habits, Jill’s book is a game changer for any salesperson who wants to thrive in the new connection economy.  – Seth Godin


Always be learning: that’s the message of Jill Konrath’s comprehensive new book on the art and science of sales. She not only gets sales fundamentals right, she also understands that the world of selling has changed profoundly — that, in fact, the new sales environment is all about change. If you want to be quicker on your feet when it comes to sales, you need this book.  – Daniel Pink

Sounds pretty good uh?

I’m looking forward to reading it and will share with this community my thoughts. As I’ve shared on this blog many times, deliberate learning and personal development are key elements in being a bad ass sales person and it looks like you might just have another arrow in your quiver to do just that.

Stay tuned!

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