Selling Fearlessly – A Newbies Bible

With sections like Mental Attitude, Work Habits,  and Salesmanship, Selling Fearlessly gets right to the foundation of being a great sales person.  Written by a life-long salesman, Robert Terson takes readers along his 40 year selling history in an effort to bestow upon the reader, what he’s learned over those years. 

Robert is a colorful story teller and he has plethora of stories to share. In Selling Fearlessly, Robert takes readers through his long career, imparting the wisdom he’s collected during his failures and wins.  Robert digs deep into his past, scouring every last corner for opportunies to enlighten readers and strengthen their own selling prowess.  

One of the most forgotten aspects of sales today and unfortunately one of the least discussed is mental attitude. In Selling Fearlessly, Terson dedicates an entire section to the topic with chapters that include: Motivation, Desire, Belief, The Subconscious, Commitment, Gratitude, Responsibility and “The Devils Retirement Story.”  There are a million books these days, all pontificating on the next brilliant sales technique or approach. Yet, in the end, mental attitude sits at the foundation of success and Terson nails it.

For the successful, seasoned, complex selling sales executive, Selling Fearlessly won’t provide much to influence quota, but to a newbie or inexperienced sales person, Selling Fearlessly could be the difference between a life of successful selling or a career of ups and downs and inconsistent quota attainment. Newbies will benefit tremendously from Roberts stories and his life’s selling lessons.  His vivid story telling keeps readers engaged while seamlessly allowing the deeper value of his stories to present themselves with little confusion or clutter.

If you are new to selling, get this book. The lessons and stories will shape your selling approach for the rest of your career.  If you’ve been in sales for a few years but are experiencing a sophomore slump, get Selling Fearlessly, it could be exactly what you need to get back on track.  If you’re a sales manager or a company that routinely hires new sales people, make reading Selling Fearlessly part of your required training.

Robert is a master story teller. His 40 years of selling lessons are fantastically laid out, allowing readers to feel as if they’ve been transported back to the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and are learning the experiences themselves first hand. With his intense, yet pleasantly personal touch, also comes grossly outdated vernacular, phrases, similes  metaphors and slang.  Although endearing, cool, hip, withit or sick are not terms you will associate with Robert. Despite the almost geeky or dork like language, Robert’s outdated lexicon and pop-culture references ironically lend credence to his wisdom and the 40 years of experience he’s accumulated.

Selling Fearlessly is great book, coming at a great time. In a time when the complexity of sales and the “changes” in sales are getting more than their lions share of attention, Selling Fearlessly grounds the selling world in the fundamentals of what it takes to be a good sales person.