Sell Me Again

Lee Buford tweeted this post I wrote back in June of 2009 (thanks Lee). I forgot about it, but when I read it again I thought it carried some great nuggets. When we are buying something, especially when it’s something we’re not familiar with we need help. We need sales people to sell us. Too often sales people forget this and undersell. When they undersell, they don’t get the sale, but they also don’t help the client.

My post from June 2009 ——————-

Sell Me!

When I’m looking to buy something, I expect you to sell me. I want you to understand what it is I’m trying to do. I want you to ask questions and probe. I want you to provide me options. I want you to educate me on the process or the product in terms of what I’m trying to accomplish. I want you to build confidence in me, that your product is exactly what I need. I want you to sell me.

I was in recently in the market for a consultant and not one of them sold me. None of them ask me a barrage of questions. None of them educated me on the process. None of them took the reigns and sold me. When I don’t know how something works. When I don’t understand the process and I am in the need for help, you have to sell me.

In most cases when companies or people are looking to buy, they lack information. Providing this information gets the sale. People and companies are looking for guidance. They want you to help them. They want to hold your hand and garner your expertise and knowledge. I am exactly the same way.

Even though no one sold me, I chose a consultant. I am comfortable with who I chose. But I’m comfortable because I knew them. I had engaged them before. I had enough information about them before I started searching to feel good about this person. Everyone else just eliminated themselves.

Note to sales people, especially consultants: Sell Me – Assume I don’t know a thing. Ask me a lot of questions. Educate me on the process. Explain the risks. Hold my hand, impart your expertise and gain my confidence. Be a consultant and consult.

When I’m buying something, especially when I’ve never bought it before. I’m counting on YOU to help me make the decision. I WANT you to SELL ME!


Do you feel this when you’re trying to buy something?