Sales is Not A Lottery Ticket!

Sales is not a lottery ticket. It’s not a way to get rich quick, sorry MLM world. Sales isn’t a sleazy chick looking to sell some old unsuspecting man a beater car to make some quick coin. That’s a crook. Sales is not a lay-over profession while you look for a job in your field, that’s lack of commitment.

Sales is a profession for the skilled, creative and driven.

It’s a craft that must be honed.

Sales is a science that must be studied. It’s an art that needs to perfected.

Companies and every day people rely on sales folks to grow their business, to save money, to look good, to lose weight, to feel good, to beat the competition, to realize their dreams, to win a race, to expand their mind, to save time, to be more efficient, to build a car, to have more fun, to design software, to build skyscrapers, to redesign their homes, and everything else that happens in the world. Sales people are behind the biggest and most impacting changes in our lives.

Sales is no joke. Sales people make the world go ’round.

If you’re in sales to help people and businesses grow, win, change, share, etc., then you’re in for the right reason. If not, get out. You’re not doing you or your customers a favor.

You can make a lot of money in sales. The bigger the impact you have in people lives, the more money you can make. But, sales is no lottery ticket.

Poweball is $150 million dollars as of this morning. Now that’s a lottery ticket! Sales is a profession. Take your pick.


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