Sales and Life

Sales is a lot like life. You can’t hide in sales. You can’t put sales on cruise control and think you’ll make it. Like in life, you have to make sales yours. You have to be proactive, definitive and driven to make it great. Sales doesn’t let you make excuses, the numbers always stare you in the face. Sales takes you on a roller-coaster ride, with huge highs and some deep lows. Like life, sales is heavily dependent on relationships. The better they are they better off you are. In sales the unpredictable is always present. It can come from out  of no where and blow you over or lift you up. Like in life, no matter how much you plan, you can’t plan for everything and the unpredictable will get you.

Sales is like life, you get out what you put into it.  There is no hiding from it.  No matter how much we try to control it, the unpredictable will have its day. Relationships are everything. It’s not easy. Most importantly, like in life once you accept it, it’s AWESOME!

Where do you see sales mirrors life?