Race Across the Sky

I went to see my buddies new movie Race Across the Sky last night. It is the story of the Leadville 100. A 100 mile mountain bike race up to 12000 feet of elevation and back down. It’s a grueling race with steep mountain climbs in the thin, oxygen deprived air of the Rocky Mountains. It draws 1500 people a year (they limit the number to 1500). Entry is by lottery. Anyone can enter. It draws people from all walks of life; the elite Mnt. Bike professionals to the local hacks who just love to Mnt. Bike. It’s a true community race. There is no winners purse. You race for the challenge of completing the race and pushing yourself, nothing more nothing less.

This year Lance Armstrong entered the race for the second time. Last year he lost to 6 time defending champion and Colorado local Dave Weins. In the opening interview of the movie, Lance credits his participation in last years race as the reason he came out of retirement.

What makes this movie so special is the everyday people, the average Joe’s who each have their own story of challenge and perseverance and a drive to overcome. The movie draws you in to the sheer magnitude of the race and the strength it takes to conquer it. You see the disappointment of those who just miss the cutoff and their devastation. You see the elation of those crossing the finish line, with their family running behind them, waiting to hug them and shower them adulation and love. It’s an emotional movie and an inspirational movie.

Race Across the Sky hits you from all angles. It’s funny, intense, suspenseful, inspirational and emotional. It does what a good movie should do. It makes you want to get up out of your seat and go do something. It makes you want to accomplish more than you are today. It spurs something inside of you that says; “I can do more.”

Race Across the Sky is an epic movie for its cinematography as well as its story. I’m am proud of my boy Frank. He and his company, Citizen Pictures, did an amazing job.

It was shown in theaters all across the country for one night only. I hope they do another night. Everyone needs to see it.

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