Please Tell Me Why You Don’t Like Me

no_saleMike Brooks opened his post “How to Handle Objections with this quote “if you’re like most sales reps you hate to get objections” I don’t know any sales people who hate objections. Objections are they key to the sale. If you’re a sales person who hates objections, you might want to consider a different profession.

What I hate is a “No” without objections. You can’t do anything with that. You have no ammo to influence their decision. A “no” without an objection leaves the sale dead.

I love objections. Give me as many as you have. Tell me why you don’t like me. Tell me why you think my product won’t work for you. Tell me why you love my competitor so much. Tell me why you think we’re too expensive. Tell me all of your objections. They are like candy. The more descriptive and open a you are with why you don’t want to buy, the better chance I have to win your business.

If you are in sales and don’t like getting objections, you won’t ferret them out if the customer doesn’t do you the favor of giving them to you. If you can’t get to the objections, then you won’t make too many sales.

The path to a sale is through the objections. Don’t be shy, tell me why you don’t like me. This is abuse I can take.