Pizza or Paella?

I saw this commercial for Verizon’s Hub phone today . . . are you kidding me?

There are so many things wrong with this message:

1) Where is the appreciation and respect for mom and her efforts in the kitchen
2) Who thinks it OK for a kid to talk to their mother like that
3) What in the world is mom thinking ordering Pizza after being disrespected

Marketing influences our culture, it creates trends, and influences styles. Marketing is all about influence. It influences our outlook, buying habits, perspectives, needs, wants and ideas.

Marketing is also a representation of who we are! It represents how we think, our values and our behaviors. Marketing provides a brilliant window into the times in which they are created. Watch a commercial in the 50’s, it doesn’t take too long to identify the distinct roles of men, the breadwinners, and women, the homemakers. In the 70’s a more relaxed, free flowing society is clearly evident in the commercials.

Marketing has a clear influence on our society, but it is also a definitive reflection of our society and we may not always like what we see.

How does this play out in your house, Pizza or Paella?