Who gives you permission?

Have you ever wondered if you could pull off that cool, hip jacket, even though you were 50. Then you saw some other 50 year old killing it in the same jacket and you said screw it and got the jacket?   Have you ever wondered if you could drop f-bombs on your blog, until your favorite celebrity blogger dropped a handful of f-bombs.   Now, an f-bomb can be found on your blog every now and then.  Have you ever wondered if you should ask out that guy or girl until your friends said how cute they were?  Now, the two of you are dating. We ask for permission a lot and don’t even know it.

The issue isn’t do we look for permission but rather how often and why.  The key is to know when you look for it and to know who you get it from.  It makes a difference.

How often do you look for permission?  How often do you wait until you get it?