Not one thing

If we could just get picked up by TechCrunch or Mashable, the company will blow up. If I can just get to the CEO, I’ll close this deal. If I could make Guy Kawasaki’s All Top list my blog will be huge. If product would just lower the price, I could sell more of this stuff. If I can just get a VC to invest, we’ll own the space.

Unfortunately, accomplishing one thing rarely creates success. Success is almost never found in one thing. It’s found in the consistent execution of a lot of things. Yes, getting to the CEO could be a huge in closing the deal, but it’s not the only thing. ┬áMaking Guy Kawasaki’s All Top List wouldn’t be a bad thing, but it’s not going to be the reason your blog blows up. Getting investors will give you the capital you need to keep going, but it’s not going to be why your company makes it.

Getting your blog to blow up, closing the deal, getting the promotion, making quota, becoming top rep will never happen because of one thing. They WILL happen because of a lot of things.

Do a lot of things well, consistently, overtime and you will NEVER find yourself saying; “If I can just make this one thing happen . . .”

It’s never just one thing.

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