No One is Coming

When most of us get stuck, we look out. We say we need more support. We need more money. We need more resources. We need more leads. We need more named accounts. We need more time. We need more information. When we’re struggling most of us look out and ask; who is going to come? No one is coming. If you want to get unstuck. Start getting creative? Look for the things you’re NOT doing? Stop, sit back and ask yourself what you CAN do. Go to lunch with someone different, take risks, create a new process, ask different questions or challenge yourself to break an old habit. ┬áRip your work apart. Undo all the processes you’ve put in place and rebuild them. Fire a client, call a new one, read a book you’ve been meaning to read. Make a sacrifice you normally wouldn’t. Give up something that is important to you. Work harder! When we get stuck, most of us stop, look upon the horizon and wait to see who’s coming. If no one comes, we get irritable and demand that someone come. We expect our company, our boss, our parents, our siblings, the government, our friends, somebody to save us. But, in most cases they aren’t. Figure it out yourself, you’ll be a better person and if that’s not enough — it’s your job. No one is coming!