Nice Reminder

mondayam-meetingsI’ve been through a lot of Leadership training in my days. From it I’ve managed to collect a good little library of books I’ve read on the subject.
The other day I came across one of the more interesting books, called Monday Morning Leadership. Written by David Cottrell. It’s a short recount of a struggling manager who is coached every Monday morning by a mentor.

The lessons are simple, straightforward, and relevant. Reading it again was a nice reminder. I thought it would be nice to post some of the ideas and quotes here.

“When you accept total responsibility for whatever happens, you make adjustments. The opposite of accepting responsibility is to find someone or something to blame for the issues you’re facing. Of course, there is always someone or something to blame, but a real leader spends his/her time fixing the problem instead of finding who to blame.

What happens when you place blame is that you focus on the past. When you accept responsibility, you focus on this time forward — on the future. Until you accept total responsibility — no matter what — you won’t be able to put plans in place to accomplish your goals

If you eliminate blame — don’t even have the word in your vocabulary — then you can make some positive changes.”.

When things are going bad, it can feel as if we have no control. It can feel as if we are victims, with little control. Tough times are a plenty today.

I liked this quote. It was a nice reminder that we have control and having control is liberating.