Need vs. Want


I bought a LovSac yesterday. A LoveSac is a cool over sized beanbag chair, foambag chair to be more accurate. It is definitely a want not a need. It was an impulse buy. My wife and I have always thought they were fun. We happened to walk buy the store in the mall and decided to go for it.

Our initial engagement with the sales person was not pleasant. She was making the purchase too difficult. Different prices, for different bags, different covers with different prices, supersacsome had to be ordered, other could be bought in the store. This was an impulse buy, and she was making it too much work. Just as we were about to forget it, we got a new sales guy. He got it. He asked a few questions, gave us a decent discount, made it easy to get what we wanted and had it ready for us to pick up in an hour.

There are needs and wants. If you sell a want, make it easy to buy. The buy has to be simple, quick, and enjoyable. Wants are impulsive, they are emotional. If you make it difficult to buy, their want can turn to a don’t want in a snap. Emotions are finicky, they can go as fast they come and therefore so will your customers