My Themes

I wish there were some type of calendar that allowed me too track daily activities on my blog.

I’ve determined my themes for 2010 and I’d like to chart my progress here if there were an easy way to do it.

Rather than have a set of specific goals, I wanted to have something that was broader and more encompassing. Chris Brogan‘s post here and Gretchen Rubin‘s “The Happiness Project were the biggest influences on me in choosing to focus on themes rather than specific goals. I’m excited, I’ve got some good themes for me.

I’ve picked 4 themes for 2010. I chose them based on what I thought would give me the greatest pleasure and most success for 2010.

The themes are:

  1. Complete/Finish
  2. Fun
  3. Grow/Learn
  4. Organize

Complete/Finish – Each day I need to make sure I finish big. I need to finish. I can have a tendency to put things off, especially the mundane or boring. In the first week, it’s been very liberating. I’m finishing more things, therefore waking up with less crap from the day before.

Fun – If I’m not paying attention, I will spend the entire day sitting in front of this computer. I want to get out more often. I want to do things that move my mind and body from work and more. Each day I take at least, (I mean at least) an hour to go do something competly different. My girls are loving this part of it. So far we’ve gone bowling, swimming at a water park, to a kids gym and more. I’m also looking forward to using this theme to spend more time with my buddies.

Grow/Learn – I love learning new stuff. Asking “why?” is a past time for me. Each day I want to learn something new. I need to watch a product demo, read a new book, do some research etc. This goal is all about personal development.

Organize – I tend to get lazy. I don’t do “to do” lists. I let my email box get cluttered. I don’t always take the few extra steps needed to put things were they belong. I’m struggling a little with this one. It’s not always obvious to me what to organize, but I’m looking for little ways to get things more organized each day.

At the end of each day I mark a calendar with a check or an X next to each theme. It’s been pretty cool so far. I definately notice a difference in my day when I have more checks than X’s. I’ll be real curious to the results of a year of checks.

Checks equals a great year.

What are you doing to make 2010 your year?

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