My Daughter The Sales Manager

Christmas morning my 5 year old daughter comes out of her bedroom and into the living room and says; “He was here (Santa.)  But, he didn’t leave enough.”    Sounds like a sales manager to me.  Always focused on what they don’t have, what the sales team didn’t close, what quota was missed.

I’m huge fan of managing sales people to numbers and holding them accountable to their quota.  But, sales isn’t zero sum.  I’ve never subscribed to the what have you done for me lately environment of sales.   I find it demotivating.  The best sales people don’t respond to it and worst of all it’s short-sited.

Once my daughter opened all her presents, she forgot that he didn’t leave her enough.   She was more than happy with what she had.

Note to sales managers – it may feel like your sales team isn’t getting enough, but before you say anything let things play out.  They maybe bringing you more than you think.   Your job has a manager is to motivate and no one is motivated by feeling that it’s never enough.

Santa brought plenty and if you have the right sales team, so will they!

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