My 2010 Mentors

I was going through my reader this morning and it occurred to me; I learned a lot from a lot of smart people in 2010.   There were a number of people I looked to for brilliance, insight and perspective.   These people are smart, funny, energetic and definitely worth following and reading in 2011.

My mentors of 2010:

Rosabeth Moss Kantor – Leadership and Business

Fred Wilson – Start-ups and Entreprenuership

Paul Dunay – B2B Marketing

David Brock -Sales

Mark Suster – Sales, Start-Ups, Entreprenuership

Seth Godin – Marketing, Personal Development, Leadership

Jill Konrath – Sales

Steve Chihos – Change, Change Leadership, Organizational Change

S. Anthony Iannarino – Sales

Wally Bock – Leadership

Dan Waldo – Passion, Energy, Life

Tibor Shanto – Sales

Seth Levine – VC, Start-ups

TechStars Companies and Founders – Pure Grit, Passion,

If there are folks you found super valuable in 2010 share them in the comments.

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