More or Less: I’ll Take Less if It Means More

The traffic to this blog has grown substantially in the last few months.   Visits are up almost 40%.  I’m not sure what caused such a sudden spike, but it’s been fun watching the popularity of this blog grow.

In spite of the growth in visits, participation on the blog is off.  The number of comments are down, way down, compared to just a few months ago.  My favorite part of blogging is the community feel. It’s the interaction that takes place in the comments.  I like to hear what this community thinks. I enjoy getting alternative opinions.  I love the discussion. The discussion is the best part of blogging.

I don’t know why there have been fewer comments.  I don’t know why the traffic has increased so quickly.  But, if you ask me which I prefer, I’ll take the comments over the traffic.   Traffic to a website is like pedestrians on a crowded street.  They pass your bar. They look in.  Some, may even stop in and have a drink.  But, that’s it.  Comments on the other hand are like the regulars.  They come regularly.  They provide the character, the culture and the vibe.  Comments, like regulars at a bar, are the soul of a blog.

It’s been great getting more views, but if it means few regulars, I’ll pass.  I’ll take the regulars, thank you!

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