Learn How To Take Risks With “Taught Leader” Margie Warrell

“Our Desire for Safety Stands Against Every Worth While Adventure.”

Margie Warrell

The question I hear most often about doing big things is always, “What if . . . ?”

What if I hurt myself? What if I get fired? What if I fail? What if I have a mortgage, what if I lose my home. What if it no one buys it. What if no one likes it. What if . . ?

The second thing it seems I alway here is. I can’t.

I can’t, I have to send my kids to college. I can’t because my company doesn’t work that way. I can’t, because I don’t have enough experience. I can’t because my spouse wouldn’t go for it. I can’t because . . .

Reasons not to take risks are a lot easier to come by than reason to take them.

Not Taught Chapter 5 Have The Balls to Make It Happen

It’s easy to talk ourselves out of doing the very thing(s) we need to do to create success because it’s easier than talking ourselves into it.

This is a problem because there is NO success without taking risks, big risks.

Meet Margie

She can fix that!

Taught Leader Margie Warrell

Margie is a risk-taking genius. She’s all about helping people, and that means you, take the risks needed to kill it in life. Margie has written the book on risk taking, literally — 3 actually.

Margie is the author of Brave, Stop Playing Safe and Find Your Courage. I like to call Margie a life maker and provocateur. Getting people comfortable being uncomfortable is no small order, and if you’re successful at it, then you have to be provocative. Getting people to jump, to take a risk, to stop playing it safe is a huge challenge and Margie embraces it with the fervor and energy to get it done. She’s a guru at getting people to take a risk. Cool thing to be a guru in, uh?

In Chapter 5 of Not Taught, I argue that there is no success without taking risks. That you must have the balls to put yourself out there and go for it. I tell the story of a young single mom, fresh out of high school who took, what most would call, the most personal horrifying risk ever, and now she’s an internationally known fashion celebrity.

Chapter 5 is so critical and for many, the most difficult Chapter. Racked with fear and insecurity, the majority of us seek safety. We search out the comfortable and safe and hope we can make it big without putting ourselves at risk. The truth is, there is not safety in safety. It’s just an illusion, and Margie makes this so clear.

Margie can help you take the risks you need to kill it in the 21st-century

Margie’s books, Forbes articles, and her blog are must use tools if you want to learn how to take the risks needed to get to the next level of success.

Overcoming risk aversion is no small order. But, Margie is the gal to get you there.

Check out here stuff –

Margie’s Books:

Stop Playing Safe


Find Your Courage

Check out her website:

Margie Warrel.com

Read her blog, Margie’s an excellent writer.

Margie also writes for Forbes. Be sure to check out her weekly posts.

People often tell me how impressed they are with me that I have my own business or that I wrote a book, or that I’ve skied all over the world. My response is always, “You can too.”  You just have to be willing to go for it. To put fear behind you and jump.

If you want to learn to jump, to take action and embrace the risk or as I say, have the balls to make it happen, re-read chapter 5 and follow Margie. She’s a genuine Taught Leader and will lead you to the promise land.

Don’t let fear of risk win again — EVER!

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