Knowledge, Awareness and the End Game

Most of us have the knowledge to do our jobs well. We understand what it takes to deliver. We have years of schooling or training or experience under our belts.

We trust our knowledge and that’s the problem.

Knowledge relies on everything going as planned. But things rarely go as planned. Knowledge can get us out of trouble, but it takes longer. Why, because we didn’t see it coming.

Awareness takes knowledge to the next level. Awareness doesn’t let us get comfortable with our knowledge. It tells us to be openminded, expect the unexpected and keep our head up. Awareness move us from what’s going to happen, to what could happen. It’s the closest thing to we have to fortune telling. Awareness adds new information to the knowledge base we already have.

Being aware can change the end game. Awareness avoids catastrophe and spots opportunities.

Awareness is the acceptance that we don’t have all the knowledge.

Awareness is a funny thing. You have to be aware that you don’t have all the knowledge before you an be aware of anything else.

Let me help you. You DON’T have all the knowledge. Now you are aware . . . so go be aware everywhere else!

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