Keenan Voted One of 2013 Top 50 Sales Influencers

It is exciting to announce that Keenan has once again made the list of:

2013 Top 50 Sales Influencers

This is the second year in a row that Keenan has made the list!

Top Sales World compiles a list every year of the Top 50 Sales Influencers in the market.  TSW used the services of a small team of professional researchers who rigorously examined the credentials of one hundred and fifty possible “candidates” to arrive at the top fifty, and they also asked the editors of the most popular sales resource venues to give them their opinion.

This list is made up of the sales and marketing experts, gurus, commentators, authors, and spokespeople who genuinely influence the way the sales world thinks, sells and markets our companies, products, and solutions.  The list includes such people as;  Jeffrey Gitomer who is an author, professional speaker, and business trainer, who writes and lectures internationally on sales, customer loyalty, and personal development.  There is also Seth Godin who is an amazing entrepreneur, author and public speaker with incredible insight.  And such professionals as Guy Kawasaki  a Silicon Valley author, speaker, investor and business advisor. He was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the Macintosh in 1984.

The criteria used to benchmark each individual’s impact within the sales space was:

  • Social media presence – Twitter/ Facebook/ Klout score/LinkedIn authority.
  • Quality, regularity, and popularity of written work – books, blog posts, articles, EBooks etc.
  • Active engagement with recognized resource sites.
  • And not least, a commitment to continually advance selling and marketing practices.

Keenan is pumped to be on a list with such a kick-ass group of people!  These leaders ROCK their worlds with amazing knowledge, motivation and resources.  Keenan adds to this list his “Tell it like it is” style that people love ‘cause he puts it right out there!    His resources and strategy have helped sales professionals take to the next level.  It’s awesome for him to get recognition for all the hard work he’s put into A Sales Guy Consulting.

So here’s to another year!