I’ve Got an Ap for That!

On the plane to NYC, the woman next to me is frantically looking under the seats, in the aisle, under peoples feet. She is moving the carry-ons stowed under the seats. I’m impressed with the confidence and deliberate nature of her search. She is determined.

Finally, I can’t stand it anymore. I have to know what she lost. I have to ask her.

Turns out she dropped her Kindle and the back shot off.

As she continues to look, it dawns on me. I’ve got an app for that. I pull out my I-Phone and open the myLite application by doapp. myLite turns an I-Phone into a flashlight.

I offer up my newly transformed phone and with a chuckle and a “why not” smirk, she takes the phone or should I say flashlight, gets back on her knees and within seconds prize identified.

When I first heard of the myLite application, I laughed. It sounded pretty corny at the time. Not sure why I downloaded it in the first place. Maybe I was taking some of my own advice. “Be an early adopter, even if you don’t “get it”. It’s the journey and like most journeys it rarely ends as it started.”