I’ve Already Done That

There is something about learning from another persons mistake.  It doesn’t make sense to try and do something someone else has already done. The smart money is on the people who, when they hear someone say; “I’ve already done that.” they move on and avoid making the same mistake.

The problem with this thinking is it assumes the person who has already done it, was actually good at it.  It assumes they did it well. It assumes they knew what they were doing and you failing is inevitable.  Not everyone does “that” well.  Not everyone works hard enough to prove it out.  Not everyone made the right choices, went down the right paths, or tried things in the right order. In addition, rarely is anyone going to do it like you. Even though they say they have done that already, rarely have they and for sure they haven’t done it like you.

It’s foolish not to learn from others mistakes.  However, It’s even more foolish to assume someone has done it like you would or has done it well.

The next time your sales manager, your boss, a friend, a teacher or anyone tries to discourage you with “I’ve already done that.”  Consider the source, and ask yourself, did they do they way you would.  Then ask; does it make a difference and is failure inevitable.  It’s usually not.