It’s Not WANTING the Porsche That’s the Problem

People decide on emotion but buy based on reality.

Sales people need to know the difference.

The emotional sale is easier.  The emotional sale happens when your prospect says, YES I want this.  I need to have it.  I want to buy it.  Most sales people treat the emotional sale as the sale.  Unfortunately, it’s not.  Why, because in many cases, just because a prospect wants to do something doesn’t mean they can or will.

The reality sale happens when the prospect says, I will do this.  I can do this.  I commit to doing this.   The reality sale recognizes the limitations to the buyer, the challenges in executing, the broader picture.

Millions of people, mostly men in their 20’s and 30’s WANT a Porsche.  They’ve been “sold” since they were 12.   The problem is most men can’t buy one.  The emotional sale isn’t the problem.  The reality sale is the challenge.  Getting people to WANT the car is easy.   It’s the reality sale that’s hard.

It’s no different in other sales, our customers want the new inventory management system, they know their HR system doesn’t work, they know the are losing money because the ERP system they implemented in the 90’s is a joke, BUT that doesn’t mean they are ready to buy. Just because they want it doesn’t mean they are going to buy it.

We need to stop selling just to buyers emotions.  Selling to reality is where it happens.  Know your buyers reality, it’s were the sale really happens.

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