It’s Not That You Didn’t See It . . . It’s You Couldn’t See It

How many times have you heard about a stock that rose 1000% and said; “Man, I should have bought that when it was 2 bucks” or drove through a neighborhood that was once the other side of the tracks and is now the right side of the tracks and thought: “I wish I had bought here 5 years ago.”
It happens all the time. We convince ourselves that we just missed a great opportunity and had we been given the chance we would have invested, bought the property, or made the deal. But, it doesn’t work that way. We didn’t make the investment then because we didn’t see it and in most cases won’t see it again. Before these opportunities made it they looked just like every other 2 dollar stock, and run down neighborhood and that is all most of us saw. nice-house

Opportunities aren’t obvious, that’s what makes them opportunities. It’s the hidden, the unseen, and the unpredictable that makes an opportunity an opportunity. The more obscure the opportunity the bigger it is.

Opportunities are rarely “stumbled” upon but carefully researched, and qualified. Early adopters see things the rest of us don’t because they are looking for them. Finding opportunities, like anything else is a profession, one that takes skill, experience and effort.

The truth is very few of us have the ability to see opportunity early, it’s not our profession. We won’t buy the next 2 dollar stock before it goes big and we won’t buy property in the run down neighborhood, because next time, like the last time, all we will see is a 2 dollar stock and a run down neighborhood, unless of course it’s within our profession.

Are you looking in the right place?