It’s in the Questions

How long can you carry on a conversation without making a statement?   Have you ever tried?   We almost always start conversations with a question.  It’s usually, “What’s up,” or “How are You?” or “What’s going on?”  After that, with most people, it goes to statements.  We start telling.

Questions give us information.  They give us processing fuel.  Questions make people feel you care.  Questions create control?

How long do you engage before you stop asking questions.   How many questions do you ask, before your first statement?   At the very least it should be 5.  The next time you talk with a customer, engage your spouse or talk to your boss try it.   Before you make a single statement ask 5 questions.

Make the questions open ended.   Make them about them.   Make them engaging.  Questions are a powerful tool for building relationships, learning, growing, understanding and sharing.

Teach yourself how to use questions.  You’ll become a better listener, a better friend, a better spouse and of course a better a sales person.

The ultimate, a 30 minute conversation only asking questions, without the other person ever noticing.   Could you do it?