It’s Been Awfully Quiet

I’ve noticed a trend lately and I can’t figure it out.  This community is growing, views are up and visitors are up. But, comments are down. Their is less engagement here than ever before and I’m not sure why.

I’ve looked at posting consistency, that hasn’t changed (Thanksgiving aside.:)) The posts don’t appear to be any less provocative. And, as I said, views and visits aren’t down. I’m baffled.

One of the things I love most about A Sales Guy is the community here. I love the engagement, the alternative points of view and the dialog. I like getting to know the people who come here regularly. I like seeing them on a regular basis. It’s like a corner bar, where everyone knows you.

I hope this is just a blip and engagement picks back up. It’s fun when it’s noisy in here.

What say you?  Have you noticed it’s been awfully quiet in here?