It Happens with Chemistry

Sales teams have an energy or chemistry.  Like a sports team that is on an amazing run or the one with all the talent that keeps loosing, sales teams win or lose based on chemistry.

Talent, structure, leadership, attitude, environment all come together to create the sales team chemistry.  Sales teams with great chemistry win, those with terrible chemistry lose.

Sales is both an individual “sport” and a team “sport.”   Sales people feed off of one another.  They talk, they borrow each others ideas, they move together like a school of fish.  When the chemistry is bad, the team won’t perform, despite the talent or product.

When the sales team isn’t sharing information, when they are fighting with product and engineering, when they aren’t connected with marketing, when they are creating silos and an “us, them” environment the chemistry is NOT good.

Sales team chemistry is a leadership problem.  The old school sales culture often times contributes to poor chemistry.

Sales teams that crush it, have great chemistry, there is a confidence in the company, the products, and leadership.  A trust exists.  Creativity rules the day, difficult problems are overcome, customers are happy, and revenue is growing.

If a sales team isn’t making its numbers look at chemistry.   If a sales team IS making it’s numbers look at chemistry.  Like sports teams, winning in sales flows through chemistry.

What is the chemistry of your sales team?