Is it YOU?

Is it you?

Are you the reason you didn’t close the big deal you’ve been working on for the past year. Are you the reason you aren’t going to make quota this month?  Are you the reason your pipeline is too low? Are you the reason the team isn’t performing well? Is it because of you that the teams moral is low? Are you the reason the companies biggest account is leaving? Are you the reason things aren’t going well?

I was in Rite-Aid the other day. I was behind the counter getting some batteries. Seeing me behind the counter a woman asked if a manager was around. I didn’t hear her at first so she asked again. Her tone was terse and a bit put out. I quickly apologized, letting her know I didn’t work there. Upon finding out I couldn’t help her she just turned away, no apology or anything. A manager then walked up. I could hear her say she had taken the test and wanted to know what the next steps were.  The manager wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about. He asked for some clarification.  The woman proceeded to say she had applied for a job and wanted to know what to do next.  The manager asked if she remembered who she had interviewed with. She said no.  She continued to say, she took the test and was told to come in. The woman had little to no information of the process, who she spoke to, what she was responsible for etc.  And on top of it all she acted put out. After a few minutes of trying to help her, the manager suggested she come back when the night manager was on duty and he might be able to help her.

I was blown away. The woman was looking for job, yet she wasn’t owning anything. She knew nothing. She showed no respect. I can’t see her getting the job. I can see her being angry or frustrated she didn’t get it and blaming Rite-Aid, the manager, or any other convenient scapegoat.

Hurdles to success exist everywhere.  There is no shortage of challenges in life. So why so many of us choose to become a hurdle to ourselves is baffling.  If you’re not getting what you want. If things aren’t going as planned, stop and ask; is it you?  If so, stop. Don’t be a your own hurdle.