Is It You or Them?

You can see the difference between well coached teams and poorly coaches teams. No matter how much talent a team has, if they are not coached well they won’t make it.

Coaching is about engagement, it’s about setting expectations, it’s about understanding. It’s about support. Coaching is about setting direction and vision. When teams know what is expected of them, when they are given a path, when they are provided the resources, they respond. When teams have discipline and the right people are in the right roles teams succeed.

It’s the coach that makes these things happen. Talent is individual. Good coaches bring the talent together and make it work.

If your numbers are down and you’re telling and not asking it’s you. If your numbers are down and quota is the sole determinate of performance; it’s you. If you don’t know exactly and specfically what the average reps day looks like and numbers are down, it’s you. If you aren’t engaged with all layers of your organization, for more reasons than quarterly meetings and reviews; it’s you. If revenues are down and you’re not accessible to anyone regardless of their title; it’s you. If all you measure is revenue and profit it’s you.

Performance is more than talent. Performance is talent well coached. If the numbers are down you have to answer one question; Is it you?