I’m Getting Undressed For You, But You Need to Undress Your Clients

Many of you have developed your opinions on who I am. However, I thought I’d give you a deeper look and open the kimono.

Myers-Briggs says I’m and ENTP. That is Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking and Perceiving

StrengthFinders says; Command, Futuristic, Activator, Context and Strategic

Social Styles says: Driving with Expressive tendencies

Insights Learning says: Red and Yellow are my colors.

I agree with much what they say about me.

“pragmatic, dependable and able to get things done”

“lacks attention to detail”

“resourceful involving new and challenging new problems, but may neglect routine assignment”

“dislikes confusion, inefficiency, half measures and that seems aimless or ineffective”

“tasks that involve practical day-to-day maintenance tend to frustrate him”

“generally understand things quickly and with great depth”

“rocks the boat by challenging convention for the sake of it”

“constantly absorbing ideas and images about the situations they are presented”

“often impatient”

“mentally quick, and enjoy verbal sparring with others.  Loves to debate issues, and may even switch sides sometimes just for the love of the debate”

“creates alternate ways to proceed”

“Get’s so involved may ignore his own and others needs”

“can become obsessive about achieving results”

My favorite observation is this one – “Although, Jim may protest about the pressure of attending family events, it would seldom occur to him not to be present, as these occasions are important to him.”

All in all they are spot on, even the last one. People who know me, understand these things about me and engage me accordingly.

Understanding who people are and how they respond to things is critical in sales. Interaction is how sales is done. Knowing how a prospect wants to be engaged during a call and throughout the relationship can be the difference between success and failure.

If your selling to me, get to the point. Have a good vision how I will benefit. Don’t ask me to do too much administrative crap. I don’t’ want to and won’t go digging through your website for information. Know your product, be prepared to answer questions, and be passionate about what your selling.

Know what’s under your customers kimono, undress them and get to who they are. You’ll be a better sales person and a better leader for it.

. . . and yes I do go to my family events. I’ll go to yours too if you know how to sell me.

I love this post by Brad Feld, he tells you exactly how to sell him too.